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Real-time competitor data.

Upgrade your pricing data matching and coverage now via our secure and fast systems of PriceComp data feeds and cloud dashboard. We are the best pricing data providers.

Our Core Advantages

Faster price updates

Our systems learn from your competitor patterns and predict their future price changes, thus knowing when & where to crawl. Additional systems run in cycles to ensure highest data coverage.

Flexible Reporting

Easy to read reports containing data such as price / availability / shipping / promotions / market changes. You can select the structure and content to select your customised reports free of charge.

Accurate Matching

Pricecomp system compares EAN codes / Names / Descriptions / Specs / Photos. If the matching percentage is high enough, data is delivered directly , else our expert team decides for our systems.

All inclusive accounts with Cloud Dashboard, Alerts & Live Feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get all our data from publicly accessible sources, always following the European and International data mining, storage and delivery compliance rules. Our systems read the data directly from the webshop product pages. We never fetch data from third party lists or websites like B2C price comparison websites. This way we keep our data accurate as they are the same with what an end client would see by visiting that product page.
TGN is delivering its services to different clients arround the world that have an article assortment of even 500K different articles. All these clients receive the same quality and quantity on their data regardless of their account size. Additionally because of our international clients we in TGN have experience from many different ecommerce markets and trends.
Ofcourse! Our contracts are development inclusive, meaning that even if our current data exports and API does not suit your current data handling systems, you can order free of charge a specific way and data structure, so that regardless of our own Cloud Dashboard of Analytics and reports, you can also handle us as just a data provider.

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