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Competitor Price Monitoring

Pricecomp Cloud Dashboard

Our Cloud Dashboard fetches all the latest price changes as they happen in front of your screen. Flexible flitering and data masking gives you direct insights based on possitive/negative changes and percentage deviations.

Create custom reports and save your filters and options into Report Templates , they will be ready for you to load them again in the future 1-click away.


Point, click, export!

Our visual aids are not just pretty bars and colors. they actually Work. Our Price Indexing features , allow you to easily select competitor and see how you are priced against him on common articles. Hovering above the colored segments you get the number of articles that are cheaper/equal/Overpriced than your competitor per Brand.

So ... where are those products?

Just click on the colored segment you want to focus and you will instantly get an Excel file download containing only that specific segment of products you just hovered! On demand price checks for spesific products versus a spesific competitor have never been easier to identify and work on.

Multiple excel reports

Discover our top reporting tools designed by Pricing Managers arroud the world. each one delivers in depth view of important pricing aspects. Our products oriented report contains all your competitor data for all your products with easy to read colored cells and text for cheaper/overpriced cases. Our price proposal columns raise your profits margins when needed.

Price indexing per competitor allow you to monitor the impact that your pricing strategies have created in a 4 weeks cycle. Discover the exact hours of the day that your compeitors proceed in most of their price changes by monitoring their 7 days alterations analysis.

Save time & cost from quality checks. Go with TGN!

Data crawling experts.

Data can never be enough , we constantly work on improving our systems and each client account to constantly raise the coverage of prices we deliver per competitor without volume fluctuations.

Our support team will engage and resolve any issue that might contaminate your data accuracy before it ever reaches your end. We know how big the impact of wrong or missing pricing data is , that is why we benchmark our client accounts on daily basis.

Our sophisticated inhouse crawling systems , monitor over 25 million urls with constant updates that deliver almost live data.